Hit Lvl 70

Today’s Topic: Hitting lvl 70

Why: Why is today’s topic about hitting 70 well that is simple it means we r 6 lvls away from hitting lvl 76 and that means we get to go out to Scholozar Basin and tame a big bad boy Spirit Beast we can’t wait.

P.S: I hit lvl 70, this would normally not be a big deal for me but I am very proud of it mainly because of the time span it took me to lvl this high, it took me around a month.

SHOUT OUTS: My friend Turtlewave and I lvled together since lvl 14.This is a shout out to him, appreciate the help and I am glad to be a help to you.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!


One Response to “Hit Lvl 70”

  1. Connormac Says:

    Nice site… Happy hunting, i’m jealous you have loque. I know u will get your Arcturis!

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