My second Spirit Beast

Today’s Topic: Spirit Beasts

Why: Yes why… You may be asking your self, why is he doing another blog about Spirit Beasts well this is WHY! Because they are awesome baby, and now we have one for a pet.

This is why I even made a hunter, so I could tame this bad boy and now we haz one fo shizzle. For some strange reason in the middle of the night we were compelled to get out of our warm cuddly bed and come play WoW, we dont know why and we don’t care! We found him and as soon as we did we ran to our friend Guntitan because we r good like that and we showed him and now between the 2 of us we have three Spirt Beasts and we are going to be searching for the Spirit Beast bear Acrturis. We cant wait.

P.S: Help me choose a name.

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to all the people that ran dungeons and shizzle with me on my way lvling to 76 so I could get this guy.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!


One Response to “My second Spirit Beast”

  1. Guntitan Says:

    Fo shizzle! The next post is going to be a shout out. Grats on taming a spirit beast.

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