But he is as good once, as he ever was

Today’s topic: Crazy bear

Why: Because it is not every day your abandoned pet Crazy bear returns as a ghost!

Thats right ladies/ gentlemen, we haz another Spirit Beast! ARCTURIS but we r going to pretend it is Crazy bear returned from the dead because we miss Crazy bear. We named him Crazy. I was in the kitchen fixing food, I heard _NPCScan go off and ran to my room laid a trap and tamed him such a exciting moment. I’m not going to tell u how long I spent camping him lets just say the amount of time I spent almost ruined my current relationship status. So with that, I am going to say good night, we r thirsty, we r gona go get something to drink.

P.S: I want to ask you what are you getting for Christmas we know what we already got, we CHEATED, well not really CHEATED we just think somebody forgot to wrap him in wrapping paper (not to be confused with RAPPING PAPER fo shizzle.), Blizzard could have at least put a red ribbon on him.

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to Blizzard Development team! You need to do something about what is going on in this screen shot.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!


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