The best friend a hunter could have

Today’s topic: Crazy beast

Why: Because we all love Crazy beast and he is one of the most rarest pets in the game plus he reminds us of Crazy bear!

ARCTURIS is so sexy just like Crazy bear. We got him this morning, you all know that! One thing though.. we miss Crazy bear. Ever since we abandoned Crazy bear those many years ago we have been hunting this guy because he warms our hearts and reminds us of our lost friend! We finally got him and when we did we had a since of déjà vu this morning. (That is what the screen shots of him are for!) We realized this is Crazy bear returned from the dead re-animated into a Spirit Beast by the Lich King! As awesome as that is Crazy beast is still as crazy as a Crazy bear was! Death did not help him one bit!

P.S: LF muzzle this damn Crazy beast needs to hide his teeth they are glitched!

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to Blizzard fix our bears teeth. When he gets angry and turn into BIG RED CRAZY BEAST his teeth glitch! Fix it!

Thank you very much and happy hunting!


One Response to “The best friend a hunter could have”

  1. Leniethor Says:

    Wait to go Iron on getting Arc finally, wish I was there to see it. Now all I need is to get mine too. Congrats again.

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