The Hunt Ends

Today’s topic: Mounts and Spirit Beasts

Why: Because we love both of them.

On our last post we talked about beginning the hunt for the Time-Lost Proto Drake, well we got good news …WE GOT EM! Previous to the posting of our last blog we had been camping Time-Lost Proto Drake for around a week. So we got board and decided to post a blog about it. We posted our blog got back on WoW and started hunting for it again. 30 minutes passed and we encountered Mr, Skoll again and we are a nice hunter so we sent out a tell telling people Skoll had spawned and then …ZOMG our “NPC Scan” and “Silver Dragon” Add Ons went off telling us it had found Time-Lost Proto Drake! So we found it got it on the ground and killed it! Got us a nice mount and Skoll was still there and then a mean old horde came and our friend Len helped us out and the evil Mr, Horde was vanquished thanks to Len and Iron! But in the end Mr, Skoll ended up losing his life …/cry.

P.S: Sorry C,  wish you could have gotten your Skoll …blame it on the Horde. That is what BG’s are for. I will how ever keep my eyes open for you bro. Here are the screen shots.

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to Time-Lost Proto Drake of Storm Peaks we thank you for listening to us and spawning quick. THANKS BLIZZARD! Only you could make such a  emotional response from a video game.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!


One Response to “The Hunt Ends”

  1. Guntitan Says:

    I will find him.

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