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Hard drive is full?!

March 30, 2010

Today’s topic: The Vlog

Why: Because we made our King Krush video and when we started to upload it, our Mac told us we did not have enough space.

So in order to deal with this we are going to move all of our umpteen thousand movies we have on our Mac over to our PlayStation 3. Oh and BTW if you have a PS3 send us your ID and get to know us. So we are doing that right now and as soon as we get done we are going to have a new video up on YouTube. Sorry for being out so long I was sick and you really can not do anything when you are sick.

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to all the blog readers and all the vlog viewers. Sorry for being sick I will try to get new material coming up on a regular schedule again but it might be hard I got a vacation coming up.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!


Get well soon!

March 23, 2010

Today’s topic: Worst Day(‘s) Ever

Why: Because we have a cold. We have had the cold for the past week The cold just will not go away we can not make good quality videos or blogs so I am just going to write a short blog post about when we are going to be able to get started again.

I am sick I tried to make a King Krush video today and it was… I am not going to lie it was a crap video and I am not giving viewers or readers crap. Bear with me please, I am sick and as soon as this whole thing passes I am going to come back full force and start pumping out really fun material.

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to who ever gave me this cold… you my good sir are truly evil.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!

World of Warcraft, Eh?

March 18, 2010

Today’s topic: Our blog header

Why: Because we are going to spend this blog giving a HUGE thanks to Kelly Aarons at She has drawn a beautiful piece of art and we know she deserves credit for drawing such a great piece.

Believe it or not she did not actually draw this piece for Ironweaver I found it on the internet and loved it so much and thought it resembled Ironweaver so much I decided to ask her about using it for the blog. And here I am telling you how happy I am that she said yes! I highly suggest to you guys and girls that you check out her site @ the link above. She is a wonderful artist and very kind. She dose not bite! I promise! The piece I asked her about is located below. As I said before dose it not look like Ironweaver and Crazy bear?

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to Kelly Aarons and thanks so much and keep up the great work we here at the Ironweaver blog appreciate you so much.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!

For The Alliance!

March 16, 2010

Today’s topic: Mounts

Why: Because not only is a Dwarf on a bear mount a classic fantasy MUST! The achievements that come along with it are epic and so is the feeling that comes along with slaughtering the leaders of the Horde.

We finally got a group together that could do it! We had a tank in our guild do all the heavy damage taking while we shot our little gun and killed um good! Took about a hour and we got video of it, which will be in a up coming video on YouTube. We are really excited and extremely busy! We started with a full raid group and ended it with only one group open I am guessing they were the AFK people that got kicked. Over all a really fun experience if you have not had a chance to do it, you have to go! It is a absolute must and a very fun achievement. Look at me!

For The Alliance! Killing the leaders of the Horde is not a very lightly taken task!

Here is the achievement spam that we got along the way!

Carine Bloodhoof of Thunderbluff!

Thrall the Warchief of Orgrimar and the Horde!

Sylvanas of the Undercity!

Now you ask us… where is that Blood Elf guy well… we were filming a video and at the very very end right before we killed him the vid made our comp lag so we lost the video and the achievement screenshot! Oh well.

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to Guntitan and! We can not wait to get our new home up and running! We need a new home… our pets are getting tired of sleeping in card board boxes… no home FTL! /cry

Thank you very much and happy hunting!

Love Explosion!

March 7, 2010

Today’s topic: Mounts

Why: Because we have only seen one person with this mount on our server and we thought we would share.

We were hanging out in Ironforge and we saw a girl on the Big Love Rocket! I have not wrote a blog in so long and seeing this got my blog juices flowing again. I asked for a screen shot and she was nice enough to let me. I have to say this is one of the more wacky looking mounts in the game. (IMO). I do not know if it is a flying mount or not so why don’t you guys leave me comments and tell me. I will have more blogs coming it is just me and Crazy beast are really busy with school. Also I took a  break from playing WoW because of school I am back now I hope. Next semester should be way easier and I should be able to play more. I left CoD to get geared and then I quit playing WoW did not even get any gear when I came back I went back to CoD it was kind of pointless but it was very fun. If you guys are looking for a good guild to raid with I highly suggest <Rock Solid>. But here is the screen shot of Stv and her Big Love Rocket mount.

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to all the people who got dumped on V- Day or a few days before it.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!