Love Explosion!

Today’s topic: Mounts

Why: Because we have only seen one person with this mount on our server and we thought we would share.

We were hanging out in Ironforge and we saw a girl on the Big Love Rocket! I have not wrote a blog in so long and seeing this got my blog juices flowing again. I asked for a screen shot and she was nice enough to let me. I have to say this is one of the more wacky looking mounts in the game. (IMO). I do not know if it is a flying mount or not so why don’t you guys leave me comments and tell me. I will have more blogs coming it is just me and Crazy beast are really busy with school. Also I took a  break from playing WoW because of school I am back now I hope. Next semester should be way easier and I should be able to play more. I left CoD to get geared and then I quit playing WoW did not even get any gear when I came back I went back to CoD it was kind of pointless but it was very fun. If you guys are looking for a good guild to raid with I highly suggest <Rock Solid>. But here is the screen shot of Stv and her Big Love Rocket mount.

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to all the people who got dumped on V- Day or a few days before it.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!


3 Responses to “Love Explosion!”

  1. Guntitan Says:

    It is a flying mount. Now look up the X-53 touring rocket.

  2. Guntitan Says:

    Engrave this into your forehead. TLPD 3/9/10! For the win!

  3. Bryan Shon (@guntitan) Says:

    Haha I remember Stv. So bro. You log on for like 2 seconds are you coming back to vlog or blog too? I miss you buddy!

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