World of Warcraft, Eh?

Today’s topic: Our blog header

Why: Because we are going to spend this blog giving a HUGE thanks to Kelly Aarons at She has drawn a beautiful piece of art and we know she deserves credit for drawing such a great piece.

Believe it or not she did not actually draw this piece for Ironweaver I found it on the internet and loved it so much and thought it resembled Ironweaver so much I decided to ask her about using it for the blog. And here I am telling you how happy I am that she said yes! I highly suggest to you guys and girls that you check out her site @ the link above. She is a wonderful artist and very kind. She dose not bite! I promise! The piece I asked her about is located below. As I said before dose it not look like Ironweaver and Crazy bear?

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to Kelly Aarons and thanks so much and keep up the great work we here at the Ironweaver blog appreciate you so much.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!


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