Celestial Steed

Today’s topic: Mounts

Why: Because Blizzard has just released a new mount that you can purchase in the pet store. Here is the info.

The Celestial Steed is a ground/ flying mount that adjusts to the riders mount skill. It also will adjust it’s speed to 310% speed if you have a 310% speed mount in your stable. It is centered around a star formation type of char model that was more than likely a concept from the Ulduar theme. Here is a picture of the beauty and the beauty riding it. We Dwarfs love purple chicks.

It can be purchased (no there is no other way to get it I believe unless via promotion) inside the Blizzard store along with a few more exciting in game companion pets that Blizzard has added. The going price for one of these flying/ running celestial beauties is $25.00. Tell us what you think of that in the comments below.

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to the vlog fans. I will be having part 3 of our Spirit Beast series out very soon on YouTube keep in touch.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!


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