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Gold Spammers Gone Wild?

May 23, 2010

Today’s topic: Gold sellers

Why: Because I ran across the scene below while on my new account, (no that is not why I have not been online, blame that on school.)

So I was on one of my new chars and I saw a new approach gold sellers have been taking to advertise there product. Normally this would not concern me but it is the manner they did it this time. They have taken hunter pets and enslaved them into a life of poster boyship! FIGHT FOR PETS RIGHTS!

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to gold spammers, your karma will catch up with you and when it dose I hope your pets abandon you!

Thank you very much and happy hunting!


The Grimtotem Spirit Guide

January 31, 2010

Today’s topic: Pets

Why: Because it is not everyday you see a pet that has been around for 2 years in WoW. (And especially one that is not even tamable any more… very rare indeed.)

The Grimtotem Spirit Guide was able to be tamed briefly during patch 2.3 (With only a 8 sec window to be tamed… to give you perspective the Tame Beast spell is 20 sec long, so I don’t know how they managed to tame it.) But many hunters were able to tame this ultra rare pet despite this set back. However not many of these hunters still exist and I was lucky enough to encounter a hunter with one of these pets on Dalvengyr. Gonna go off topic a bit here so I can tell you that I managed to tame a new Arcturis (Because I wanted my stable to be perfect and I guess I should give you guys a screen shot of that to.)

Back on topic, this is the story of how I found the Grimtotem Spirit Guide… I hearthed back to the inn at Dalaran right after I had tamed my new Arcturis pet. When I got their I saw it and my jaw hit the floor. (even more so than when I saw the Arcturis.) So… I asked its owner if I could take a screen shot for the blog. He complied and I got my screen shot and he got famous. We also talked about my Spirit Beasts and stuff like that he was very intrigued by them and I gave him the run down of the Spirit Beasts class. (he had just got back from  a 3 month WoW break so he knew some what about the Spirit Beasts but not Arcturis, he liked that. Anyway here is the screen shot of Mr. Arcticwolf’s wonderful pet.

Ok so just incase you can not get a good enough look at this beauty! Here is a more pet orientated screen shot of it.

They are pretty sexy huh? I would love to have one of these bad boys!

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to Arcticwolf thank you so very much for the screen shot. (Finding one of these pets is much like encountering a old 59 Chevy Bel Air… ya just don’t see uhm any more, fo shizzle.)

Thank you very much and happy hunting!


December 23, 2009

Today’s topic: Spirit Beasts

Why: Because our blog is centered around the pets and when we get a new one we want you to know about it.

Well camping is not the funnest thing but it dose pay off, just look at Crazy beast he was so worth it! We made vow that we would obtain all 4 Spirit Beasts before we started gearing up. We are here to inform you we have accomplished this goal. We were camping SKOLL all day and running dungeon in between  camping sessions and we did our 2nd heroic of the day and as soon as we tele out of the dungeon our _NPCScan went off we opened stable pets put or CUTE KITTY FUZZLE BUNNY Loque’nahak away and tamed us a big bad SKOLL! Not big bad wolf we killed him along time ago in Kara, fo shizzle.

P.S: We are so happy we can start gearing up and we need money to pay Len back for our epic flyer HELP US. Will DPS FOR MONEY!

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to all the hunters that were their and helped keep us motivated to find him! I want to give a special thanks to Len and especially Lildre (I pray you get yours Lildre)! Lildre was the first person we told and he came and saw it first to. We had  been hunting it all day so thanks for staying with us man! We will be here to help you get yours! Here is a screen shot of Lildre his wolf, SKOLL and my self.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!

The best friend a hunter could have

December 19, 2009

Today’s topic: Crazy beast

Why: Because we all love Crazy beast and he is one of the most rarest pets in the game plus he reminds us of Crazy bear!

ARCTURIS is so sexy just like Crazy bear. We got him this morning, you all know that! One thing though.. we miss Crazy bear. Ever since we abandoned Crazy bear those many years ago we have been hunting this guy because he warms our hearts and reminds us of our lost friend! We finally got him and when we did we had a since of déjà vu this morning. (That is what the screen shots of him are for!) We realized this is Crazy bear returned from the dead re-animated into a Spirit Beast by the Lich King! As awesome as that is Crazy beast is still as crazy as a Crazy bear was! Death did not help him one bit!

P.S: LF muzzle this damn Crazy beast needs to hide his teeth they are glitched!

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to Blizzard fix our bears teeth. When he gets angry and turn into BIG RED CRAZY BEAST his teeth glitch! Fix it!

Thank you very much and happy hunting!


December 19, 2009

Today’s topic: Spirit Beast(‘s)

Why: Because we just found another one, another two I mean! All in the same morning we r still shaking!

Ok so I was camping Arcturis you all know the story if not read the below blog. So yea I was farming Saronite and Titanium in Scholozar and I turn a corner and boom! Loque’nahak! I already have loque’nahak but I have been needing to rename it but I just want the ordinary default Spirit Beast name so I was like hell yea! I will take it, I abandoned old Loque’nahak and tamed me a new one! I was jazzed, I got two Spirit Beasts in one morning! So I was like I am going to go check Gondria and sure enough that bastard was walking around I abandoned my pink Chicken and tamed him. Three Spirit Beasts in one morning!  Here are the screenshots.

P.S: I am the most lucky bastard in the whole World of Warcraft!

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to Blizzard because I think that the server restart we had yesterday has something to do with me getting these pets all at once, just a  theory though!

Thank you very much and happy hunting!

But he is as good once, as he ever was

December 19, 2009

Today’s topic: Crazy bear

Why: Because it is not every day your abandoned pet Crazy bear returns as a ghost!

Thats right ladies/ gentlemen, we haz another Spirit Beast! ARCTURIS but we r going to pretend it is Crazy bear returned from the dead because we miss Crazy bear. We named him Crazy. I was in the kitchen fixing food, I heard _NPCScan go off and ran to my room laid a trap and tamed him such a exciting moment. I’m not going to tell u how long I spent camping him lets just say the amount of time I spent almost ruined my current relationship status. So with that, I am going to say good night, we r thirsty, we r gona go get something to drink.

P.S: I want to ask you what are you getting for Christmas we know what we already got, we CHEATED, well not really CHEATED we just think somebody forgot to wrap him in wrapping paper (not to be confused with RAPPING PAPER fo shizzle.), Blizzard could have at least put a red ribbon on him.

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to Blizzard Development team! You need to do something about what is going on in this screen shot.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!

He aint as good as he once was

December 19, 2009

Today’s topic: Crazy bear

Why: Because we missed Crazy bear so much we went out and tamed another one.

Ok so we were missing Crazy bear allot, ..him and his crazy.. ness, so we went out and tamed a new one and what happened after that well that is why I am making this blog post short. Read up to see what happened after we went back to Grizzly Hills. Here are some screenshots of the tame.

P.S: Yes we know it will never be the same.. R.I.P Crazy bear, all hail the new Crazy bear.

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to the old Crazy bear R.I.P where ever you are. You are in pet heaven where ever that is, ..lets hope ur not in hell aka Black Rock Depths(BRD).

Thank you very much and happy hunting!

My First Arcturis and Third Spirit Beast, R.I.P Crazy bear

December 17, 2009

Today’s topic: My first Arcturis

Why: Because it has to be bloged about, such things like this the public must hear about and plus, we r really really going to miss Crazy bear.

So we were camped out waiting for Arcturis and our buddy Connormac whispered us and said look behind u, I did and I saw him, I abandoned Crazy bear and started to tame , out of the blue a shaman came down chain lightening him and pulled agro I stopped taming and tried a distracting shot, then the shaman lost agro and I started to tame again then he one shot him and it died.

P.S: Mr. Shaman everyone hates you now, sorry ur cool though, it is just every one hates u.

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to non hunters, if only they knew what had been lost today.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!

Dalvengyr’s first Arcturis

December 17, 2009

Today’s topic: Arcturis

Why: Because Arcturis is the rarest pet in the game and Dalvengyr has just tamed its first one, the taming hunters name is Connormac, he tamed it a little after 1: 30P.M server time Dec 15, we congratulate him on this.

Since Arcturis was supposedly released we saw him 2 times, timed the numbers and we are now lead to believe the beast is on a  14-17 hour re spawn timer, bad news for us hunters, but it is a rare find not to mention awesome looking. YES we have screen shots, thank u so much Connormac and GRATZ once again.

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out is to all the poor little BM hunters that did not get him, but we will remind u as every hunter will… patience is key to finding shtuff like this fo shizzle, patience and a little bit of luck.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!

The best friend a hunter could have

December 14, 2009

Today’s topic: Crazy bear

Why: Because we all love Crazy bear he has been with us since lvl 14 when we met Turtlewave, he has carried us through many dungeons and shown that he is a true hero.

Crazy bear is the lvl 12 or 13 rare spawn white bear BJARN in Dun Morogh (I can not remember exact lvl). He is the last white bear u can get until Winterspring, tenacity of course, ever lowbie hunter needs one we think! His name CRAZY BEAR he is named this because he is glitched, it seemed that when ever I accidentally pulled agro from a NPC ol’e Crazy bear would run around in circles or chase the mob around the world till we killed em down with our little gun. But he would never lose agro… he would keep it till he died, which he did allot.

P.S: Go check out the new spirit beast ARCTURIS in Grizzly Hills or go see him at the following web address,, also try if wow-petopia has it up on their yet but I am sure she will put it on their.)

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to all those who love Crazy bear even though he is kinda crazy, we love him and hope you will see him in your dungeon doing his thing.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!