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The Grimtotem Spirit Guide

January 31, 2010

Today’s topic: Pets

Why: Because it is not everyday you see a pet that has been around for 2 years in WoW. (And especially one that is not even tamable any more… very rare indeed.)

The Grimtotem Spirit Guide was able to be tamed briefly during patch 2.3 (With only a 8 sec window to be tamed… to give you perspective the Tame Beast spell is 20 sec long, so I don’t know how they managed to tame it.) But many hunters were able to tame this ultra rare pet despite this set back. However not many of these hunters still exist and I was lucky enough to encounter a hunter with one of these pets on Dalvengyr. Gonna go off topic a bit here so I can tell you that I managed to tame a new Arcturis (Because I wanted my stable to be perfect and I guess I should give you guys a screen shot of that to.)

Back on topic, this is the story of how I found the Grimtotem Spirit Guide… I hearthed back to the inn at Dalaran right after I had tamed my new Arcturis pet. When I got their I saw it and my jaw hit the floor. (even more so than when I saw the Arcturis.) So… I asked its owner if I could take a screen shot for the blog. He complied and I got my screen shot and he got famous. We also talked about my Spirit Beasts and stuff like that he was very intrigued by them and I gave him the run down of the Spirit Beasts class. (he had just got back from  a 3 month WoW break so he knew some what about the Spirit Beasts but not Arcturis, he liked that. Anyway here is the screen shot of Mr. Arcticwolf’s wonderful pet.

Ok so just incase you can not get a good enough look at this beauty! Here is a more pet orientated screen shot of it.

They are pretty sexy huh? I would love to have one of these bad boys!

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to Arcticwolf thank you so very much for the screen shot. (Finding one of these pets is much like encountering a old 59 Chevy Bel Air… ya just don’t see uhm any more, fo shizzle.)

Thank you very much and happy hunting!


The Hunt Ends

January 13, 2010

Today’s topic: Mounts and Spirit Beasts

Why: Because we love both of them.

On our last post we talked about beginning the hunt for the Time-Lost Proto Drake, well we got good news …WE GOT EM! Previous to the posting of our last blog we had been camping Time-Lost Proto Drake for around a week. So we got board and decided to post a blog about it. We posted our blog got back on WoW and started hunting for it again. 30 minutes passed and we encountered Mr, Skoll again and we are a nice hunter so we sent out a tell telling people Skoll had spawned and then …ZOMG our “NPC Scan” and “Silver Dragon” Add Ons went off telling us it had found Time-Lost Proto Drake! So we found it got it on the ground and killed it! Got us a nice mount and Skoll was still there and then a mean old horde came and our friend Len helped us out and the evil Mr, Horde was vanquished thanks to Len and Iron! But in the end Mr, Skoll ended up losing his life …/cry.

P.S: Sorry C,  wish you could have gotten your Skoll …blame it on the Horde. That is what BG’s are for. I will how ever keep my eyes open for you bro. Here are the screen shots.

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to Time-Lost Proto Drake of Storm Peaks we thank you for listening to us and spawning quick. THANKS BLIZZARD! Only you could make such a  emotional response from a video game.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!


December 23, 2009

Today’s topic: Spirit Beasts

Why: Because our blog is centered around the pets and when we get a new one we want you to know about it.

Well camping is not the funnest thing but it dose pay off, just look at Crazy beast he was so worth it! We made vow that we would obtain all 4 Spirit Beasts before we started gearing up. We are here to inform you we have accomplished this goal. We were camping SKOLL all day and running dungeon in between  camping sessions and we did our 2nd heroic of the day and as soon as we tele out of the dungeon our _NPCScan went off we opened stable pets put or CUTE KITTY FUZZLE BUNNY Loque’nahak away and tamed us a big bad SKOLL! Not big bad wolf we killed him along time ago in Kara, fo shizzle.

P.S: We are so happy we can start gearing up and we need money to pay Len back for our epic flyer HELP US. Will DPS FOR MONEY!

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to all the hunters that were their and helped keep us motivated to find him! I want to give a special thanks to Len and especially Lildre (I pray you get yours Lildre)! Lildre was the first person we told and he came and saw it first to. We had  been hunting it all day so thanks for staying with us man! We will be here to help you get yours! Here is a screen shot of Lildre his wolf, SKOLL and my self.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!


December 19, 2009

Today’s topic: Spirit Beast(‘s)

Why: Because we just found another one, another two I mean! All in the same morning we r still shaking!

Ok so I was camping Arcturis you all know the story if not read the below blog. So yea I was farming Saronite and Titanium in Scholozar and I turn a corner and boom! Loque’nahak! I already have loque’nahak but I have been needing to rename it but I just want the ordinary default Spirit Beast name so I was like hell yea! I will take it, I abandoned old Loque’nahak and tamed me a new one! I was jazzed, I got two Spirit Beasts in one morning! So I was like I am going to go check Gondria and sure enough that bastard was walking around I abandoned my pink Chicken and tamed him. Three Spirit Beasts in one morning!  Here are the screenshots.

P.S: I am the most lucky bastard in the whole World of Warcraft!

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to Blizzard because I think that the server restart we had yesterday has something to do with me getting these pets all at once, just a  theory though!

Thank you very much and happy hunting!