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Celestial Steed

April 18, 2010

Today’s topic: Mounts

Why: Because Blizzard has just released a new mount that you can purchase in the pet store. Here is the info.

The Celestial Steed is a ground/ flying mount that adjusts to the riders mount skill. It also will adjust it’s speed to 310% speed if you have a 310% speed mount in your stable. It is centered around a star formation type of char model that was more than likely a concept from the Ulduar theme. Here is a picture of the beauty and the beauty riding it. We Dwarfs love purple chicks.

It can be purchased (no there is no other way to get it I believe unless via promotion) inside the Blizzard store along with a few more exciting in game companion pets that Blizzard has added. The going price for one of these flying/ running celestial beauties is $25.00. Tell us what you think of that in the comments below.

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to the vlog fans. I will be having part 3 of our Spirit Beast series out very soon on YouTube keep in touch.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!


Hard drive is full?!

March 30, 2010

Today’s topic: The Vlog

Why: Because we made our King Krush video and when we started to upload it, our Mac told us we did not have enough space.

So in order to deal with this we are going to move all of our umpteen thousand movies we have on our Mac over to our PlayStation 3. Oh and BTW if you have a PS3 send us your ID and get to know us. So we are doing that right now and as soon as we get done we are going to have a new video up on YouTube. Sorry for being out so long I was sick and you really can not do anything when you are sick.

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to all the blog readers and all the vlog viewers. Sorry for being sick I will try to get new material coming up on a regular schedule again but it might be hard I got a vacation coming up.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!

Get well soon!

March 23, 2010

Today’s topic: Worst Day(‘s) Ever

Why: Because we have a cold. We have had the cold for the past week The cold just will not go away we can not make good quality videos or blogs so I am just going to write a short blog post about when we are going to be able to get started again.

I am sick I tried to make a King Krush video today and it was… I am not going to lie it was a crap video and I am not giving viewers or readers crap. Bear with me please, I am sick and as soon as this whole thing passes I am going to come back full force and start pumping out really fun material.

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to who ever gave me this cold… you my good sir are truly evil.

Thank you very much and happy hunting!